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Vyaire Medical

Trudell Medical Marketing Limited is proud to partner with Vyaire Medical to offer the following products. 

Respiratory Diagnostic/CPET:
  • Vmax Pulmonary and Metabolic Systems
  • Jaeger Pulmonary and Metabolic Systems
  • Vyntus Products
    • Vyntus Spiro
    • Vyntus Walk
    • Vyntus Body
    • Vyntus CPX
  • MicroMedical
  • Avea
  • Bird Blenders
  • Vela
  • 3100
  • Infant Flow
Patient Monitoring/Management:
  • Enflow
  • GE accessories
  • Vital Signs Portfolio


Please direct inquires or questions through our dedicated Vyaire phone line or email address.

Toll Free: 1-866-630-6699